atlanta liposuction is the Smart Choice

Which body areas can benefit from Smart Lipo?

Most people have areas on their body where they think to themselves: “I’d look so much better if I could just get rid of that area of fat.” How about not only being able to remove excess fat, but actually being able to have that area contoured for the best possible look. This is where SmartLipo excels, removal and contouring of areas of the body most susceptible to fatty tissue buildup.

Which areas of your body lend themselves to this the SmartLipo procedure?

One of the most popular areas where excessive fat removal and body sculpting is done is on love handles. Another popular area is the chin. Inner and outer thighs like to collect fat. This will not only remove the excess fat but sculpt the area for a firmer and more attractive appearance. Beautiful hips no longer have to be simply a memory. Hanging fat off you upper arms. Firm and tighten the area with the simple and painless SmartLipo procedure. Many men are very self conscious about having breasts and Atlanta liposuction is the Smart Choice is the answer. Women, if you feel the need for breast reduction for health or appearance reasons you owe it to yourself to look into laser liposuction in Atlanta. Please remember that not every trained physician may treat every area of the body.

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SmartLipo Recovery Time

What can I expect during recovery from SmartLipo? Among the more important values to selecting this treatment is its rapid recovery cycle. In fact most patients walk into the office of their physician, receive the treatment, and simply walk out when done. No prolonged recovery time. No hospital time. When talking about recovery time there are two ways of looking at this question. With many traditional liposuction methods there are two recovery phases. The recovery time required after undergoing a general anesthetic procedure. An hour or two that it takes for the general anesthetic to wear off and for your body to become responsive to its environment. Then there is a second recovery period. The time it takes for you to get back on your feet and resume normal activity. This secondary recovery time can take anywhere from 3 – 4 weeks or longer.

With traditional liposuction surgery there is a recovery period of 2 – 3 weeks. There are dressings to be changed; often there is pain medication involved. You will need to take valuable time from your busy schedule to get back on your feet. With SmartLipo there is a very limited amount of time required for recovery. Usually no more than one or two days. No stitches, bleeding, and most importantly little or no pain. Since there are no large incisions, scarring and the possibility of infe0ction is considerably less that with the more traditional methods.

The shortened recovery time required by SmartLipo is one of the main reasons people are choosing this procedure over the more traditional methods of liposuction. When considering recovery time, this procedure is the smart choice.

Fat Freezing with Coolsculpting Atlanta

Who is Coolscuplting for and what should they expect?

Coolsculpting is more on a continuum where you have more of the surgical options for people with bigger amounts of fat that would have to be removed through overall body toning and trimming. So, people with excess skin are a better candidate maybe for a tummy tuck. Liposuction is better for people with large areas of fat or in multiple areas because you can Coolsculpt multiple areas but it might take two sessions of doing that, and then the cost will add up when you’re doing a bunch of different areas and then you come back to doing that a second time two or three months later.

Coolsculpting is not a quick fix

From the clinical studies, they mention that there is a 20-25% reduction per treatment with Coolsculpting. You’re not going to get to do it 4 times and have a 100% reduction because it’s 25% of what’s left each time. The results will have diminished returns after two or three cycles on the same area.

Coolsculpting multiple times

There are some patients that we see that have a little bit more that might be slightly on the edge of needing more of a surgery. We actually recommend doing a stacking treatment where we treat the area and then we have them come back one week later and retreat the exact same area and we call that “stacking.” We tend to get a nice change there that’s well above 20-25%, maybe more in the 40-50% range.

coolsculpting before after

Where can you treat with Coolsculpting?

The FDA approved for the abdomen, the love handles, and now the thighs. We have this new one called the Coolsmooth applicator. It’s a flat applicator that doesn’t require suction like the other four applicators we have. We have a bunch of different ones that we can kind of truly “sculpt” the area because it might need a smaller one in one area and a bigger one in the other or the smooth applicator that lays flat on the skin. That works well on the outer and inner thighs without surgery.

So, if you’re looking not to have surgery, Coolsculpting is the way to go. Some people say that they had a little bit of pain, but I had zero pain during, zero pain after, and I had fabulous results. Now, do I look like a model? No, of course not. You kind of have to go with how you feel.

I didn’t lose weight and I didn’t change my exercises and I didn’t change my diet. If you’re interested and you live in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend Coolsculpting Atlanta and check out Slimplasty for more information.

The Science Behind Ultherapy Atlanta

How is Ultherapy Different from Lasers?

Ultherapy uses ultrasound. Ultrasound can non-invasively go below the surface of your skin. Lasers can be precise and accurate but they really treat from the outside in. Ultherapy is completely unique in the fact that it can create that thermal response in tissue that we’re looking for non-invasively at layers that a cosmetic surgeon likes to operate at when they’re doing a face lift. That gives Ultherapy a different application and that response can be created that patients are looking for which will start the natural healing process in the body to generate new collagen and elastic at depths that people want.

How can Ultherapy’s ultrasound treat deep beneath the skin?

Ultrasound can get to the deep part of your skin’s layers without disrupting the surface through the idea of concentration. It’s similar to sunlight passing through a magnifying glass. At one particular point, after that sunlight passes through that magnifying glass, the light is highly concentrated. If it’s concentrated enough, you can actually use it to heat things. Ultrasound is the same way. It’s diffused before it gets to those layers that we intend to treat. Because it’s diffused and spread out, no heating occurs. It only occurs where it gets highly concentrated which is below the surface of the skin. That’s what makes Ultherapy Atlanta very unique.

How Ultherapy Stimulates Collagen Production

The science behind Ultherapy is quite interesting and unique amongst the other devices in the aesthetic procedures. The fact that most other devices such as laser or radio frequency tend to push energy into the skin or the deep tissues from the outside in therefore it’s going to affect the outside tissues as well as the inside tissues. However, Ultherapy is unique in the sense that it can actually focus the ultrasound energy to a point beneath the surface of the skin and at that point, it significantly heats the tissue to where it causes coagulation of protein such as collagen and elastic in that area. This eventually initiates the body’s healing response and lifts the tissue over time.

The Importance of Imaging with Ultherapy

Imaging is a very important component of the Ultherapy treatment for a few reasons. First of all, it lets you target the energy to the specific tissue layer that you’re trying to treat. You can actually see the dermis, the sub-dermal tissue, and more. That way you can pick the perfect transducer to hit the layer of tissue that you’re targeting in your treatment. Another important use of imaging, is that you can use it to avoid structures such as large vessel and bone to make sure that it’s a safe treatment. For more information, visit

general ultherapy information

Simple image showing information about ultherapy

Looking at engagement rings

I just had to come online and write about my experience at Davidson jewelers. I know some people may think that I am not very romantic because I helped my fiancé pick out our engagement rings but believe me when he pops the question it will still be a surprise. I just wanted to make sure that the thing I wore on my hand for the rest of my life was something not just beautiful or exquisite but truly unique like my fingerprint. It’s the reason why we took so much time designing our ring and the reason why we decided to visit Davidson, the finest jewelry store in the area.

Buying a gold chain from is not like buying mens gold chains. They truly treat every person that walks in the door special and with a lot of warmth. They know that you are here to buy jewelry commemorating a major event in your life and they want the act of buying that jewelry to be a major event as well. This means you are encouraged and asked to participate in the concept and design of the jewelry, something many people have never done before I have zero artistic ability but I know what I like. All I need is a guiding hand to ask me the right questions and to show me a list of available materials and I know that I would be able to build something that was not only unique but truly beautiful.

perfect diamond sizeThe process works as follows. You schedule an appointment to come to the jewelry store and you meet with your jewelry advisor. This person will work with you from start to finish on your project so that there is no gaps in communication or goals. You tell them what your name is and they start out with a basic framework to go off of. For us since we are getting married we were able to shift our focus towards their precious metals and diamonds. We brought in a lot of pictures of our last trip to Paris and other romantic things we have done together. We wanted her to see the colors and shapes that have inspired us, particularly the Eiffel Tower where we had our first date. From there she suggested we look into engagement rings that may have a Parisian flair to it. She also suggested that maybe we want a princess cut diamond because it is thinner and narrow and it has curves similar to that of the Eiffel Tower. It was a thought process I had never imagined before but designing the ring was actually quite fun!

A 3-D model is then printed on their 3-D printer and you are given a blue wax duplicate of the very ring you just to designed in your mind. You’re able to try the ring on to make sure it fits and to make sure you like the size. From there they sourced the materials and assemble your ring to those exacting specifications. What I like most about this store is that all diamond rings and wedding bands are personally finished by Ian Davidson himself.

Skin Tightening with Ultherapy

Hey guys,

Sarah Miller here and I wanted to discuss some more about the Ultherapy procedure (from Ulthera) that’s being provided in Atlanta. It’s a non-invasive skin tightening procedure. What it does is it uses a technology that one would have
a when you use kidney breakup kidney stones with ultrasound or gallstones
with ultrasounds so it’s the destructive part of the ultrasound that we use
and it goes down anywhere from one point five millimeters to 4.5 millimeters a pair
which the head to use.

So what it does it makes a noise and underneath the skin it at that particular level
and at the deeper level it’s it’s at the level of what we call this mass SPAS which is a layer of the tissue that you actually tighten when you do a facelift so essentially what we’re trying to do here is a non-invasive facelift. It takes about I’ll an hour
hour 50 minutes to do the entire face. There is some discomfort with this procedure.
Sometimes patients will take a medication as well for this afterwards there’s absolutely no pain there’s no downtime with this procedure. You might have some a mild bruising after the procedure. Many people have done it more than once and you begin to see the results immediately but most importantly the final result takes probably three or four months.


To say other technologies up that have been around for a much longer
like surmise for firm for or XLS use a radio frequency. The problem that radio frequency has its very inconsistent.You have to heat up the skin to a certain level and it’s very difficult to monitor that using radio frequency feels there well
is much more consistent and will always lay down those a lesions
as I set at those different levels. Ulthera has come a long way in the past two years. We’ve had this procedure for about two years where you used to only do this procedure at one level and a about a year and a half ago or something we were doing it at two different levels.So that means that two different dept so maybe a 4.5 in a 3.0 millimeter depth and now they came out with a well 1.5 no mere def still some people are actually even getting 3 different treatment levels.